Sunday, April 15, 2007


It is a lot of people who tell me about getting money on internt. They use a lot of time being members at sites were they are clicking on ads,videos,blogs etc. to get a few cents. Many many clicks and days later they have earned a dollar, and often the site is a scam. I do not call that making money on internet I call it boring work. To make money on internet is about doing as little as possible, let the crowd do the work. Do not be one in the crowd. Read about crowding theory on the net and learn a lot.

You have to make sites and blogs that give you money from the crowd, without working to much. Its many ways to get a lot of readers, wright often on your blog, that give you people and its fun, but takes some times. You can also make a blog just with a lot of links, its a one time job, just promote it. Take a specific theme and make the best link site about the theme, 700 links or so. It will take a whole day to make, and a day to promote the blog on a lot of forum about the theme. Now you can do nothing, just site back and get the money from your ads. Make some advertising once a week on forums and get more people and money. see and example on