Friday, April 13, 2007

videosharing again

It is a lot of videos out there on a lot of videosites, som give you money, most of them give you just 15 minutes of fame (or less). Some have contest there you can win something, like but my point today is if you put your video on the net, bad or good, you will very soon find your video everywhere. Your video will be on sites you never will now about. And many put your video on sites were they make money on your video. Everybody steal on internet also your video. So if you wont to make money on videosharing be sure to put your video on every paysites at once, if you dont do somebody else will do it. And example see the video on the bottom of the blog, I share it one place and now it is everywhere, and somebody (I think) have also made his own video with the same trick. So if the theme is easy, people will copy you and make money. see also the article videosharing below. See also a video search engine where you can find videos from many videosites.