Thursday, July 19, 2007


Think google still is the best, but yahoo and msn live is also and alternative. And now you can choice between them and more at or you can use many of them at the same time at The best of the aggregate engines is . Read what tell about them.

AfterVote stops the searcher right on the homepage and asks him or her to select their comfort level. If they just want to do a quick and easy search, they can select "Beginner" and AfterVote will only show them the essential tools. But if the searcher desires to learn how to be a more skilled user, she can choose "Intermediate" and AfterVote automatically responds with some more - but not all - of its features. Finally, you guessed it, if you are an expert searcher (and you know who you are), you don't have to "dumb down" when using AfterVote - just select "Advanced" and all of their features will be at your disposal! And thanks to cookies, AfterVote will even remember your "level" the next time you visit the site! But if you're curious, go ahead and select "Advanced" and take a look at all of the cool buttons. You can select "Search Level" at any time and pick another option.

You can also use who give you a prewiew of the links they find test it with the snap widget at the right in this blog. They also have the snapshot preview you can use on the link s in this blog see the widget for that. And now you can get it on every site with firefox and soon with explorer. What they said about it: Snap Shots™ is now available as a browser add-on, so you can bring Snap Shots with you to the rest of the Internet, enhancing your browser experience with the right content at the right place and time.
Enable rich Snap Shots across the web, not just on websites that have installed it
Control the look and feel of Snap Shots (language, color, size, link icons, etc.)
Add PreviewShots to popular sites such as Google, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, and more...

And if you want you can make your own search engine at

A new and different engine is they tell me this: Quintura strives to bring web users a new search experience that is visual and more intuitive. Quintura displays an interactive search cloud of related keywords and phrases to easily refine and narrow down searches. Quintura is the first company to embed graphical icons in the search cloud. Quintura plans to start selling graphical advertisements such as images, logos, and icons within the Quintura search cloud.
Quintura will shortly offer an affiliate model for web-sites and blogs to replace a site map with a Quintura interactive cloud for site search and navigation. The web-site publisher can index the site content and display the Quintura cloud on its site. The affiliate model will be either free/ads-supported or subscription-based.
Quintura has a version for kids - Quintura Kids at that features a kids-specific search cloud for easy and safe navigation through kids-related web links.

It's your choice and it's more to choice already and in the future.